Owl Finch (Bicheno Finch): Bird Species Profile

The lovable Owl Finch (Taeniopygia bichenovii) is a little, long-tailed lawn finch that hails from Australia. The Owl Finch may not be the most vivid finch, yet its unique markings are actually striking as well as this finch has fresh and gregarious individual.

Variety Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Owl Finch, Bicheno Finch, Bicheno’s Finch, Double-Barred Finch, Double-Bar Finch

TAXONOMIC NAME: Taeniopygia bichenovii

ADULT SIZE: 3 to 4 inches long. About 15 to 17 grams (half an ounce).

LIFE SPAN: Up to 10 years.

Origin and History.

The Owl Finch belongs to a sizable household of birds called waxbill, or Estrildid finches. The Estrildidae family members is comprised of greater than 130 types, featuring the Owl Finch. Various other finches in the Estrildidae family feature the Gouldian Finch as well as the Zebra Finch. In bush, Owl Finches are located in Australia’s woodlands, scrublands and grasslands, where they live in teams.


Strongly social along with various other finches, the Owl Finch in certainly not large on being handled by humans, preferring the near business of various other birds. Like most finches, the Owl Finch does far better when housed in teams of Owl Fiches in sizable rooms, or at the really the very least, a pair of Owl Finches in a smaller room.

Owl Finches are going to quickly multiply if you maintain guys and also girls together. If you favor certainly not to possess child Owl Finches, you may make an effort to maintain all women. Telling women and male Owl Finches apart is actually certainly not always a simple activity (review additional regarding sexing Owl Finches below under “Owl Finch Colors and Markings”).

Speech and also Vocalizations.

Owl Finches are rather outspoken, chattering the time away. A team of Owl Finches can be somewhat raucous, though the vocalizations are much more enjoyable than earsplitting. Only the male Owl Finches sing, yet they carry out less regularly than a few other finches.

Owl Finch Colors and Markings.

The body system of the Owl Finch is actually light brown. It has black brown segments along with little white locations, and also a white colored face and also breast and also belly. A dark band circle the white colored face as well as an identical black band shows up below the breast. It is actually Owl Finch’s beak is an attractive silver-gray and the eyes are actually black. All together, the taggings recollect those of an owl, offering to one of the breed’s usual titles.

Male and also female Owl Finches appear nearly exact same, although ladies might have slightly narrower bands as well as their trunks may be actually less great white colored. Such variations are actually refined, though, so it is actually nearly difficult to establish sexual based on tinting alone. There is actually a telltale giveaway concerning the sex of an Owl Finch: Only male Owl Finches perform.

Taking care of the Owl Finch.

The Owl Finch is an energetic species, so it ought to be actually housed in a much larger cage than you could anticipate provided its little measurements. The Owl Finch needs to have loads of area to fly about. A big unit (a minimum of 2 to 3 three feets– the longer the far better) is actually especially necessary when keeping two Owl Finches, as is typically recommended. Bump up your unit to an aviary or trip crate if you’re intending on maintaining a bigger team of birds.

Deliver many perches and an interweaved home basket or package home with suitable nesting product like dry out turf or ragged newspaper. You can easily also consist of some toys or ladders in the enclosure, but stay away from a lot of excess clutter in the crate, which takes away area for flying about.

Keep your room in a warm and comfortable room without each direct sunshine as well as drafts. Make certain the room is actually warm sufficient for your Owl Finches– a minimum required of 60 levels Fahrenheit.

Common Health Problems.

Like the majority of finches, the Owl Finch may lean to developing air-sac mite infection, a parasitic infection common in birds. Air-sac mite infections influence the respiratory tract. They are very severe, calling for quick procedure through a veterinarian. Owl Finches are likewise susceptible to building flaky face, another ailment including termites. Like air-sac mites, veterinarian treatment is actually demanded for scaly skin. Owl Finches may experience egg binding, when a female bird is actually incapable to pass an egg, which can easily produce the bird really sick. Egg binding is common in smaller birds like finches, although it may occur in any type of bird.

Diet and also Nutrition.

Feed your Owl Finches both top quality finch seed and a finch pellet food items, and supplement with new environment-friendlies, including spinach, as well as broccoli leadings and carrot tops, as well as mealworms or even foods for protein. Deliver a cuttlebone for calcium and a hanging water bottle (well-maintained and alter the water everyday).


Owl Finches commonly keep in their rooms considering that they carry out not specifically take pleasure in managing. They are active flyers and also will definitely get loads of workout inside their crate as long as it is actually sizable enough. Stay clear of high, slender cages, which don’t supply sufficient horizontal room for flying.

Where to Buy an owl or even embrace Finch.

Owl Finches are actually typically readily available in pet dog establishments and also bird specialized stores. You can also buy Owl Finches coming from a dog breeder. Constantly do your research to guarantee the breeder you’re curious in purchasing from is actually educated and also increases healthy and balanced birds in a humane setting. Some bird saves and also even your local area pet home could likewise possess Owl Finches readily available for adoption.

The Owl Finch could not be the most vivid finch, but its own unique markings are striking and also this finch has sociable and also sweet personality. Other finches in the Estrildidae family members feature the Gouldian Finch and the Zebra Finch. Like most finches, the Owl Finch does far better when housed in teams of Owl Fiches in big enclosures, or even at the very least, a set of Owl Finches in a smaller sized room. Saying to male and also female Owl Finches apart is not regularly a quick and easy activity (review more regarding sexing Owl Finches listed below under “Owl Finch Colors and also Markings”).

There is an obvious giveaway about the sex of an Owl Finch: Only male Owl Finches perform.