Donkey Sanctuary

The Godavari Donkey Sanctuary was constructed with the help of Brigitte Bardot Foundation in 2009. The sanctuary is a haven for r sick and handicapped equines which are rescued from brick factories Among the rescued ones some are blind, others lame or severely malnourished. After a life of abuse, we provide them with well deserved retirement, including good nutrition and ongoing treatment. Most residents are financially supported by individual sponsors through Animal Aid Abroad Australia. Some are even luckier and are adopted by local families and resorts, where they live their remaining days in comfort. Currently we have 25+ beautiful and healthy equines living happily at our sanctuary.

Since 2009, we have rescued over 75 equines from various brick factories of Lalitpur.

Year No. of Rescues
2009 15
2010 10
2011 10
2012 10
2014 10
2015 15
2016 5
Total Equine Rescued: 75
Total no. of Equines at our sanctuary (on present date): 24