Our Blissful Donkey Sanctuary!

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Godavari, June, 2016- 23 gorgeous equines, beautiful location at Badikhel village and some loving vets and care takers. Yes, our Godavari Donkey Sanctuary is undeniably Blissful!

Last year we mourned the death of our 12 beloved equines from the sanctuary due to a sudden outbreak of highly contagious respiratory disease. Despite every effort from our vets we were able to save only 15 equines. The moment was extremely hard for Animal Nepal. All thanks to Animal Aid Abroad Australia who helped us build a new isolation unit for our sick and injured equines which didn’t only helped our animals recover fast but also stopped the transmission of deadly diseases in the sanctuary. The 7 newly rescued equines on October last year helped us recover the loss and turned our sanctuary into a happy place once again.

No bitter news and death stories but only love, happiness and bliss this year!

Wanna learn some interesting stories and top secrets on our 23 gorgeous equines? Here you go!!


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