Message from the President

Each year we are grateful for what we are able to do for the suffering animals of Nepal, and 2017 was no difference.

Thanks to your support and the dedication of our team, we were able to reach out to a surprising high number of sick or injured animals. With the expansion of our Equine Outreach Program to districts like Dhading and Gorkha, we treated no less than 5977 horses, mules and donkeys. The Human Dog Management team treated 1410 needy dogs, spayed 1105 and vaccinated an additional 2296.

Equally important were the steps we made towards a lasting change in the lives of suffering animals. We like to give kudos to the animal welfare movement and to the Nepal government for passing a new Criminal Code, which recognizes animal welfare and criminalizes animal abuse.

The government with our support further passed the Animal Welfare Directive 2017, which legally protect working animals. The directive is the world’s first of its kind, as it’s the first one specifically for pack and traction animals, based on the OIE standards for working equines.

Animal Nepal in 2017 became Nepal’s first animal welfare organization to sign an MOU with the government. We look forward to working with the Department of Livestock in addressing different kinds of animal issues, including the unregulated breeding of dogs.

When floods hit the country during monsoon, our team was swift to organize a response. In close collaboration with the district government offices and Nepal Veterinary Association (NVA) we reached out to thousands of suffering animals in six affected districts.

I like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our loyal donors and supporters, the Government of Nepal, the community members we work with and last but not least Animal Nepal’s wonderful management and outreach teams for their support in our work.

Pramada Shah