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Animal welfare issues often receive less coverage in the Nepali media and are not considered ‘newsworthy’ unless humans are affected in any way. However, our President Pramada Shah and members of our animal loving Board regularly pen down their opinions in leading national newspapers like The Himalayan times, Kathmandu Post, Republica and others.

Check out some of our articles below:


                                                                                 The Story of Maya: Why puppy mills in Kathmandu need to stop


When dogs are bred for sale, they automatically become commodities. I can see dogs kept in small cages, suffering under the scorching sun or trembling during cold days. I have seen breeding centres swamped with countless breeds of dogs kept in unspeakable conditions.







Police Dogs share their food during the Pooja at Central Region National Dog Training Academy in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu on Saturday. Photo: Reuters

The Essence of Kukur Tihar by Pramada Shah 

“I feel very happy when I see some dogs being walked, looking healthy and loved. A well cared for and loved dog has that air of confidence around them which is such a pleasure to see. It is heartwarming to see a growing number of people who love their dogs and treat them like family. They cry when they lose their pets, take them to the vets when they are sick and fuss over them like they would over their own children. But there are many who buy pure breeds simply as status symbols. It is this group of people that I am appealing to, through this article.”




The belly of the beast by Lucia De Vries

“Let’s assume the buffalo lives in Saptari. For years the animal has loyally served a family or community, ploughing the fields and pulling carts. The buffalo must feel bewildered when it is walked down to the road, leaving the village, and continuing for hours until they reach the road head. Here, it is rounded up with some 50 other buffaloes, among them mothers with their young, and is forced into a truck.”




Beasts of Burden by Pramada Shah and Lucia de Vries

Nepali Times reports on how our sanctuary in Badikhel provides a well-deserved retirement home for former brick kiln donkeys of Kathmandu






Animal Sacrifice, Compassion needed by Bishal Bhattarai 

“With such sinful acts, one cannot expect to be blessed with prosperity, good fortune or happiness. Such sacrifices do not please any god or goddess.”







Born to be Free by Lucia dDe Vries 

“Moving away from elephant safaris 50 years after we introduced them, seemed too big a step, but I had seen young elephants being trained at the breeding centre. It was horrifying, they are scarred for life,” Edwards recalls.




A poisoned plan by Pramada Shah and Lucia de Vries

Pramada Shah and Lucia de Vries, volunteer directors, at Animal Nepal, expose the regular poisoning campaigns by local governments in Republica. “Betraying our canine companions by feeding them poisoned meat is an example of unmatched cruelty,” they write.




On Pharping Puppies by Jiggy Gaton

Gaton notes: “This week´s Pharping CNVR proved to be a great success (many congrats out to them), and was kicked off by dozens of volunteers establishing a temporary operating theatre.”









Blaming it on the birds is fowl by Pramada Shah and Lucia de Vries 

“The hunt for any living poultry is on, and terms like ‘culling’, ‘slaughtering’ and ‘destroying’ do little to soften the ugliness of the untimely deaths of these sentient beings. We are made to believe that these dangerously sick animals have become our enemy, instead of blaming the real culprit, we humans, who have caused this crisis.”






“Mass sacrifice of animals is barbaric” by Pramada Shah 

“The movement is already gaining momentum and will continue to grow after images from the killings fields of Gadhimai are broadcast across the nation and the world. Animals cannot speak for themselves. Until now it has been the priests and business community to speak for them: bring more, kill more animals. It is high time for every concerned citizen to speak out and stop inhumane killings in the name of religion.”




Ban Blood Bricks by Pramada Shah & Lucia de Vries

“Consumer power increasingly decides what is being produced and in what manner. Next time you order a stack of bricks make sure they have not been produced with the sweat and blood of children and donkeys. For the sake of Shakti and Mukti and thousands of working children please opt for clean and green bricks. “






Vet Times by Dr Russell Lyon 

“Finally, and very importantly, Animal Nepal has introduced a certificate system for every brick produced. Bricks are classified as red, orange and green. Red are the  blood bricks  produced in the very worst conditions for the animals and the environment.”







Kathmandu Canines photo essay by Debby Ng 

“Once a year, a dog’s existence gets celebrated in Nepal. On dog tikka day, stray dogs without rabies and other ailments get rallied up and adorned with tikkas (forehead decoration) and flower garlands around their necks.”







Kathmandu is cruel to animals 

“I am not an animal rights activist, but I don’t have to be one to say that this brutality against animals must come to an end in Kathmandu.”