Training for veterinary students


Lalitpur, October, 2017

Animal Nepal organized a three days training about ‘equine welfare and their management’ for final year veterinary students from Himalayan college of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) during 13 – 15 October 2017.

The training was focus on welfare of working equines, approaches to handle equines and common problems seen among working equines in the context of Nepal.

The main objective of training was to make the vet students familiar with equines, equine welfare, equine handling and commonly seen problems.

On the first day of the training, Dr. Atish  Kumar Yadav and Dr. Sajana Thapa introduced Animal Nepal, need and importance to insure welfare of working equines in the context of Nepal and some tips about equine handling.

On the second day, our team including Dr. Atish, Dr. Sajana, vet technicians  Santosh Gautam, Tara Budhathoki, Mana Nepali, Prem Rokka and Sijan Pokharel exchanged knowledge and experience related to their field work.

As this was a hands-on training, they got a chance to examine the animals and observe them in close quarters and to participate in every activity.

On the closing day, Animal Nepal’s Executive Director Mr. Uttam Kafle distributed certificate to all participatnts.

Our best wishes to all the participants.



Lalitpur, July, 2017

An interaction with Brick Kiln Owners and relevant stakeholders from Lalitpur was called on 7th July, 2017, where Animal Nepal talked about the work they have done so far in the field of working equines, animal welfare and most importantly introduced and discussed the Animal Welfare Directive; which states crucial do’s and don’ts and humane treatment for pack and traction animals; endorsed by the government. Positive suggestions were taken from the kiln owners and government representatives also put forward their points. All the suggestions will be taken and a plan made on how to move forward for the implementation of the Directive.

AN President Pramada Shah informed the owners and government officials regarding the Animal Welfare Directive and the responsibility that everyone has towards pack and traction animals. “The implementation of the directive will be a challenging task, however, if we unite, we can ensure that the first directive in the world for working animals is effective.” Shah appealed to all participants.

Executive Officer of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Hari Prasad Dahal, promised to work on endorsing and advertising the Directive. Head of DSLO, Dr. Mogul Prasad Shah, said that there are check points for monitoring of animal transportation in the entry points of the valley; the Transport Standard 2064 requires a degree of animal welfare to be maintained during the transportation of live animals.

Brick Kiln Owner Deepshakti Bynjankar mentioned that animal husbandry is, of course, the priority and responsibility of the owner himself; thus, we should expect their support for the implementation of the Directive.

AN’s Executive Director, Uttam Kafle, explained the Animal Welfare Directive’s challenges and as well as its endless possibilities to improve the lives of owners and animals alike. He also touched upon Animal Nepal’s work related to working animals. According to Kafle, ” there at least 495 equines working in the brick kilns of Lalitpur and AN works to improve the lives of these equines in 14 of these brick kilns.”

AN would like to thank Mr. Hari Prasad Dahal (Executive Officer of LMC), Dr. Mogul Prasad Shah (Head of DSLO) and brick kiln owners of Lalitpur, for accepting our invitation, participating and providing us feedback on welfare issues of working animals. Proud to be part of the process for the welfare of animals.​​​





Award Distribution programme for the Equine owner and handlers


May 2017

Animal Nepal organized Best Equine owner Award- 2073 and Best Equine handler Award-2073 distribution programme on 11th and 17th May 2017 respectively.

Mumtaj Kasgar, won the title of Best Equine owner Award from Santaneshwor Brick kiln Lalitpur. Similarly 2nd prize winner: Muktaj Kasgar from Shree Bajra Barahi (RM) Brick Kiln and 3rd prize winner Rayman Kasgar from Shree no 1 Brick kiln. They received food for their equines, a tub and bucket to feed them from and nominal cash prize. 37 equine owners participated enthusiastically in the programme. Animal Nepal really hopes that this works as a small incentive for all equine owners to treat their working animals even better.

Similarly, in our equine handler programme; Manoj Sonkhar won the title of Best Equine handler Award 2073. Esrad Kasgar and Prakash Poudel won 2nd and 3rd prize respectively. 27 young equine handlers attended the programme. They are extremely hard- working people who work earnestly at their job with their only friends, the hard-working equines! After the prize distribution, Animal Nepal showed them a movie “Tahaana” about a relationship between a boy and his mule. A little show of appreciation to these handlers at the end of the season!! The participants watched it with great interest.


According to AN Executive Director Uttam Kafle, “This programme is to motivate all the participants to treat their hard working equines even better and more importantly to spread the message of welfare for these animals in such a harsh environment”. Equine Outreach Programme Coordinator Dr. Atish Kumar Yadav also explained the winning criteria to all participants and encouraged them to continue with their good work.

President Pramada Shah, Programme Manager Kapil Kafle, Advocacy Office Urvashi Rana, Equine Outreach Programme Coordinator Dr.Atish Kumar Yadav and the rest of the team distributed the cash prizes and certificate to them.

Animal Nepal team member Communication Officer Nirmal Sharma,Vet Sajana Thapa, Para vets Tara Budhathoki, Santosh Pokhrel and Mana Nepali, caretaker Santa Bahadur Shrestha were all present in the programme.