No rabies, no babies in Lalitpur

Lalitpur, May, 2018-
“No more rabies, no more babies.” That is the slogan of Animal Nepal’s Humane Dog Management Program in Lalitpur. During the past few years Animal Nepal spayed and vaccinated over 5000 dogs in the district. Now, teaming up with local government bodies, the organization makes the final push for a rabies and babies free Lalitpur.
With the support of the local government, Animal Nepal spayed and vaccinated 171 community dogs in the period 10-19 May 2018. The dogs underwent surgery in a Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) camp at the office of the District Livestock Service Office (DLSO) in Lagankhel. The dogs were kept here for one night, and checked upon after release.
Chief of DLSO, Dr Mogul Prasad Sah, helped to support the spaying camp by allocating a budget and providing staff resources. His loving care and support is very much appreciated. DLSO joined hands with Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) to create a strong foundation for such programs in future, when the livestock department becomes part of local municipalities
During the official launch of the program, Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) Deputy Mayor Gita Satyal kindly committed financial assistance for similar camps to be held outside the Ring Road in the coming years.
LMC Chief Executive Officer Hari Prasad Dahal shared his conviction that a rabies free zone concept is great for both people and animals and requested the community people to a working environment to implement such zones.
AN Executive Director Uttam Kafle has shared the organisation’s working experience and described how the number of stray and community dogs in the LMC area has been reduced as a result. Since 2007, Animal Nepal spayed over 5000 dogs in its Humane Dog Population Management Program and reached a 75 percent coverage of female dogs. He says the dream of Animal Nepal to create a rabies and babies free Lalitpur is now close, but demands everyone’s support.
Animal Nepal’s team did a great job! It consisted of veterinarian Dr Sunil Thapa, vet technicians Kushal B.C., Sushant Acharya and Gautam Khatri, dog catcher Ramchandra Shrestha, as well as volunteers Janga and Rebant.
CNVR camps are a very effective and humane way to solve stray dog problems in Nepal. Animal Nepal encourages communities to organize CNVR camps, to create a country in which people and canines can coexist in peace.
Apart from the government bodies, Sneha’s Care also supported the program. The teams of Animal Nepal and Sneha’s worked hand in hand during the catching and surgery.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.


On 4th August, 2017, Animal Nepal organized an educational programme for the students of Shree Taudaha Rastriya High School, Kirtipur Municipality-15, Taudaha, Kathmandu. Headmaster Sovit Basnet welcomed The Animal Nepal team warmly and guided us to the hall where about 53 students were waiting and wondering what we were about to show them regarding welfare for our furry animals.

AN’s Programme Manager Kapil Kafle shared the work of Animal Nepal with 53 enthusiastic students, and explained about Animal Welfare, pet care and overall pressing issues affecting animals in Nepal. He showed them a short video about the work done by Animal Nepal in the areas of helping dogs and making lives of working equines better. Similarly, Kafle shared some success stories about abandoned and sick dogs, when, given timely treatment along with love, made remarkable recovery. Since animal welfare is an evolving concept in our country, our community and especially, the children need to be educated on this topic, as they are the future and will spread the word of welfare towards animals.

This is our second education programme and we plan to do more, in other educational institutions in the coming days. The response from the school authorities and children have been very positive, encouraging us to expand our awareness programme. We plan to make our awareness programme the top priority, so a more empathetic and compassionate society develops and are able to give a voice for all our furry buddies.

AN’s Communication Officer Nirmal Sharma, Vet Technicians Gautam Khatry and Koushal G.C, Assistant Ramchandra Shrestha were involved in the programme.

We were happy to meet such wonderful and enthusiastic children. We would like to thank Shree Taudaha Rastriya High School’s teachers, staffs and students for giving us this opportunity to share our work of our four legged friends them.








Vaccination Camp at Bhaisenpati



Our Humane Dog Management Programme has been involved in anti-rabies vaccination, CTVT treatment, community education programmes and CNVR programmes to all the dogs. So, on 30th, June, 2017, Animal Nepal team to the field and vaccinated 78 stray dogs in Bhaisenpati area Lalitpur Metropolitan city.

AN program manager Kapil Kafle, Veterinarians Sunil Thapa and Chet Raj Pathak,Communication officer Nirmal Sharma, Vet technician Gautam Khetri, Kushal B.C and Oshin Tamang, dog catcher Mohan Maharjan ,assistant Ram Chandra Shrestha  and five volunteers worked hard on a warm sunny day at the camp.

The team was supported by local community people. They were actively coordinating with our team. Besides vaccinating 78 dogs from these areas, some dogs were treated for various skin diseases. Similarly, 8 dogs picked up for spaying.

Our vaccination camp was very successful. Animal Nepal would also like to thank the local people of vicinity who were very caring and kind towards animals in their area and were extremely supportive towards our programme. A big thank you to the Humane Dog Management Programme team and especially to the local community for making the programme a great success.