Training for veterinary students


Lalitpur, October, 2017

Animal Nepal organized a three days training about ‘equine welfare and their management’ for final year veterinary students from Himalayan college of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) during 13 – 15 October 2017.

The training was focus on welfare of working equines, approaches to handle equines and common problems seen among working equines in the context of Nepal.

The main objective of training was to make the vet students familiar with equines, equine welfare, equine handling and commonly seen problems.

On the first day of the training, Dr. Atish  Kumar Yadav and Dr. Sajana Thapa introduced Animal Nepal, need and importance to insure welfare of working equines in the context of Nepal and some tips about equine handling.

On the second day, our team including Dr. Atish, Dr. Sajana, vet technicians  Santosh Gautam, Tara Budhathoki, Mana Nepali, Prem Rokka and Sijan Pokharel exchanged knowledge and experience related to their field work.

As this was a hands-on training, they got a chance to examine the animals and observe them in close quarters and to participate in every activity.

On the closing day, Animal Nepal’s Executive Director Mr. Uttam Kafle distributed certificate to all participatnts.

Our best wishes to all the participants.

AN’s special World Donkey Day


May 8th, 2017 is a very special day for Animal Nepal as we celebrate World Donkey Day.


We celebrated this event at our shelter in Godavari with much enthusiasm and love; did you know according to Hindu mythology, a donkey represents goddess Sitala Devi. We have 23 rescued equines at our shelter enjoying their retired time.


On this occasion we worship these lovely, furry, young and old equines by putting red tika on the forehead and feeding them their favorite food. Some of our horses and mules like Hella, Mox, and Buddy take advantage of the day and grab some yummy carrots and cabbage along with other donkeys. Our entire team thoroughly enjoyed feeding them.


According to AN Vet Dr. Atish Yadav, “Every year we celebrate this day, as these equines have gone through hardship, which makes this day all the more special for them”. Vet Sajana Thapa, Para Vets Tara Budhathoki, Santosh Gautam and Mana Nepali, care taker Santa Bahadur Shrestha and Masini Shrestha did a great job organizing this lovely day for our equines.

Our Godawari Donkey sanctuary looked more beautiful with our equines enjoying themselves. These furry friends have found a new lease of life and with the support The Donkey Sanctuary UK. Our residents are also supported by individual sponsors through Animal Aid Abroad, Australia.

A workshop on wound management and distribute first-aid kits

Lalitpur,March 2017-
On a rainy Saturday on 22nd April 2017, Animal Nepal arranged a workshop on Wound Management and to distribute first-aid kits to relevant stakeholders/equine owners at Godawari Donkey Sanctuary, Lalitpur.
AN Executive Director Uttam Kafle discussed about equine health care and basic treatment of wounds and injury. He explained that by providing substantial food, drinking water, adequate rest time, and proper shelter would definitely result in better performance by the equines. The programme was informative and beneficial.
Our Equine outreach Programme Co-ordinator Dr Atish Yadav and vet Sajana Thapa shared ideas about wound management and imparted knowledge with the equine owners.
Interact with the equine owners on the importance of keeping the sick equines separately, an isolation unit for the sick and wounded equines should be set up with appropriate situation. Equine owner Shaized Kasgar explained that Animal Nepal’s support has always been consistent and continuous in the field of equine welfare. Similarly, Abdul Hassian told the every owner’s concern how to save animals from wound and injury but their careless already delete of mind.
The programme was conducted inside a donkey isolation home as it was raining. We found that the participants were still enthusiastic and enjoyed the programme.
Programme manager Kapil Kaphle briefed the owners regarding the wound management programme and the benefits of the programme.
We were pleased to see the interest and excitement amongst the 27 equine owners regarding our work. The participants were very interested. They realized that a healthy equine would be beneficial for everyone’s individual interest.
Equine owners were happy and receptive with the knowledge provided. They realized that a woundless leads to a healthier equine.
Next, Dr. Atish and his team exhibiting how to use First Aid Kits to injured equines as demonstration. Unfortunately, some equines may be suffering from wound. “When the equine suffering from wound by any reason or injury, immediately used to practice of first aid treatments simple way of method.” said Dr.Atish Yadav.
Similarly, our team distributed First Aid Kits to them each other. First Aid Kits for the equines to each of the equine owner to encourage them to be able to treat their working equines for small infection and injuries. First Aid and timely treatment can save lives of many animals. We realized that equine owners can handle several cases of minor wounds and injuries.
We are sure that this will be very helpful for the working equines in emergency.
Animal Nepal team member Para vets Tara Budhathoki, Santosh Gautam and Mana Nepali were also present and talked about equine healthcare. Journalist Puspajyoti Dhungana,Care taker Santa Bahadur Shrestha and Masini Maya Shrestha also participated, Tsering Sherpa students from St. Xavier were the enthusiastic participants in this programme.
Our work, this season will be focusing on mobile clinics, organizing workshops for the equine owners and handlers, implementing education and evidence based outreach. Animal Nepal strives to for a healthy equine population.
At Animal Nepal we believe, interaction is the key!! We would like to thank The Donkey Sanctuary for their support.