Animal Nepal launches Lalitpur dog population survey report


It’s official: 2793 dogs live on the streets of Lalitpur’s Sub-Metropolitan City area. Animal Nepal today published the findings of its detailed dog population survey to carefully measure the outcomes of its ongoing Humane Dog Management Programme. “The survey’s findings give us the confidence that we can bring a lasting chance in the lives of Lalitpur’s dogs,” says Director Uttam Kafle.

The organization in 2014 signed an MOU with the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) authorities and committed itself to reach at least 75% coverage of female dogs spayed and neutered in LSMC’s 22 wards. Continue reading “Animal Nepal launches Lalitpur dog population survey report”

Municipality signs MOU for humane dog population management in Lalitpur

kjhKathmandu, November 3, 2014– While the authorities tried hard to create a city free of stray dogs with the arrival of the SAARC Summit, animal activists across the country  spoke out for canines.

Good news came from Lalitpur Sub-Municipality when they officially decided to support Animal Nepal in its humane dog population management efforts rather than poisoning or relocating them. Continue reading “Municipality signs MOU for humane dog population management in Lalitpur”

Shelter dogs say: “Winter, come try me”!

donate blanketOutside it is getting colder, but the Chobar Animal Shelter is heating up. The secret behind are those blankets and quilts that has are pouring in this season from our well-wishers.

Stray dog often suffer from hair loss and malnutrition and on top of that lack a home and a cosy shelter. Thus Winter tends to be very difficult for them.  But with a little bit of effort and kindness we can save a dog this winter.  Continue reading “Shelter dogs say: “Winter, come try me”!”