Animal Nepal uses games to teach donkey owners

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Badikhel, March 8, 2014 –  Equine owners walking around blind folded….a group trying to move a marble throughout a group without dropping it.

Animal Nepal organised a workshop inviting equine owners of numerous brick factories of the Lalitpur district. The motivational workshop took place at the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary.

The objective was to talk about animal welfare, its need, and for a general orientation regarding effective management of their working equines. Animal Nepal organizes regular educational workshops for equine owners and handlers, of whom around 25% are children. Animal Nepal uses games involving creativity, group participation and communication to motivate and train equine owners and handlers for improved animal welfare.

One activity was to be blindfolded and instructed to walk according to guidance provided by a trainer. This was to enable equine owners to understand how difficult it is for blind equines to walk carrying heavy loads.

Around 10 equine owners attended the workshop. The programme was supported with a team of volunteers provided by “Hands for Care”, led by Gautam Khatri and his friends.


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