Animal Protection is education to Humanity! Albert Schweitzer



At Animal Nepal, we believe in creating awareness amongst the young. On 9th June, 2017, we organized an educational programme for students at Future Stars High School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur.


Future Stars High School Founder Manju Karki Lamichhane and Vice-principal Mrs. Binta Karki welcomed The Animal Nepal team warmly and guided us to the hall where about 130 students awaited for us in anticipation for what we were about to show them regarding welfare for our furry animals. AN Programme Manager Kapil Kafle described and showed them a short video about the work done by Animal Nepal in the areas of helping dogs, making lives of equines better and saving the Asian elephants. He shared some success stories about abandoned and sick dogs, when, given timely treatment along with love, made remarkable recovery. Similarly, Advocacy Officer Urvashi Rana spoke to the students about the five freedoms of animals and why it should not be violated.


Since animal welfare is an evolving concept in our country, our community and especially, the children need to be educated on this topic, as they are the future and will spread the word of welfare towards animals. We stressed on the fact that charity begins at home and how animals of all kinds enrich our lives and inspire our imagination. By caring for our pets, domesticated animals and respecting animals in the wild, will not only maintain balance in the eco-system, it was a sure shot way of showing kindness to all animals.


In this way, we have targeted most schools in Patan and plan to make our students and communities aware regarding our Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies programme and the suffering of stray dogs in general. We aim to target more educational institutions and take our school education programme to a whole new level in the coming days. We were extremely pleased to see the interest and excitement amongst the students regarding our work. In 2017, school education programme will remain on our top priority list and to achieve this we plan to cover six major schools in one year inside Lalitpur.


We would thank to Future Stars High School’s teachers, staffs and students for giving us this opportunity to share our work; we are especially grateful for the support of Future Stars High School’s Founder, Manju Karki Lamichhanae and Vice Principal, Binita Karki.




Award Distribution programme for the Equine owner and handlers


May 2017

Animal Nepal organized Best Equine owner Award- 2073 and Best Equine handler Award-2073 distribution programme on 11th and 17th May 2017 respectively.

Mumtaj Kasgar, won the title of Best Equine owner Award from Santaneshwor Brick kiln Lalitpur. Similarly 2nd prize winner: Muktaj Kasgar from Shree Bajra Barahi (RM) Brick Kiln and 3rd prize winner Rayman Kasgar from Shree no 1 Brick kiln. They received food for their equines, a tub and bucket to feed them from and nominal cash prize. 37 equine owners participated enthusiastically in the programme. Animal Nepal really hopes that this works as a small incentive for all equine owners to treat their working animals even better.

Similarly, in our equine handler programme; Manoj Sonkhar won the title of Best Equine handler Award 2073. Esrad Kasgar and Prakash Poudel won 2nd and 3rd prize respectively. 27 young equine handlers attended the programme. They are extremely hard- working people who work earnestly at their job with their only friends, the hard-working equines! After the prize distribution, Animal Nepal showed them a movie “Tahaana” about a relationship between a boy and his mule. A little show of appreciation to these handlers at the end of the season!! The participants watched it with great interest.


According to AN Executive Director Uttam Kafle, “This programme is to motivate all the participants to treat their hard working equines even better and more importantly to spread the message of welfare for these animals in such a harsh environment”. Equine Outreach Programme Coordinator Dr. Atish Kumar Yadav also explained the winning criteria to all participants and encouraged them to continue with their good work.

President Pramada Shah, Programme Manager Kapil Kafle, Advocacy Office Urvashi Rana, Equine Outreach Programme Coordinator Dr.Atish Kumar Yadav and the rest of the team distributed the cash prizes and certificate to them.

Animal Nepal team member Communication Officer Nirmal Sharma,Vet Sajana Thapa, Para vets Tara Budhathoki, Santosh Pokhrel and Mana Nepali, caretaker Santa Bahadur Shrestha were all present in the programme.







AN’s special World Donkey Day


May 8th, 2017 is a very special day for Animal Nepal as we celebrate World Donkey Day.


We celebrated this event at our shelter in Godavari with much enthusiasm and love; did you know according to Hindu mythology, a donkey represents goddess Sitala Devi. We have 23 rescued equines at our shelter enjoying their retired time.


On this occasion we worship these lovely, furry, young and old equines by putting red tika on the forehead and feeding them their favorite food. Some of our horses and mules like Hella, Mox, and Buddy take advantage of the day and grab some yummy carrots and cabbage along with other donkeys. Our entire team thoroughly enjoyed feeding them.


According to AN Vet Dr. Atish Yadav, “Every year we celebrate this day, as these equines have gone through hardship, which makes this day all the more special for them”. Vet Sajana Thapa, Para Vets Tara Budhathoki, Santosh Gautam and Mana Nepali, care taker Santa Bahadur Shrestha and Masini Shrestha did a great job organizing this lovely day for our equines.

Our Godawari Donkey sanctuary looked more beautiful with our equines enjoying themselves. These furry friends have found a new lease of life and with the support The Donkey Sanctuary UK. Our residents are also supported by individual sponsors through Animal Aid Abroad, Australia.