Animal Nepal treats dogs with cancer successfully in mobile clinics

26 December 2015 – Lola, a five year old dog living in Lola Tol, Patan, was a much loved community dog until she developed a smelly tumour. Suffering from Canine Transmittable Venereal Cancer (CTVT)  Lola got shooed away, even when she became pregnant once again. Thanks to Animal Nepal’s mobile treatment camp, Lola recovered in a month’s time and became a much appreciated member of the neighbourhood again.

Animal Nepal is the second half of 2015 treated 24 cancer dogs on the street. The new approach turned out to be successful. While one passed away, and two disappeared in the course of treatment, 21 fully recovered.

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International agencies speak out against wildlife gifting

rhino gift
Tethered rhino with caged deer in the background. Possibly part of collection gifted by Chandra Shamsher Rana to King George V. From Public Domain.

London, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, December 22, 2015 – International animal welfare agencies including Born Free and Asia for Animals Coalition have written to the Nepal government to express their concern about the reintroduction of wildlife gifting.

Born Free, whose campaign led India to ban the use of animals as diplomatic gifts in 2005, in a letter to Minister Agni Prasad Sapkota and Director General Fanindra Raj Khanel writes: “”For the sake of the animals, and Nepal’s international reputation, we ask you to please reconsider any plans to begin the practice of wildlife ‘gifting’ or transfers to captive facilities overseas.”

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