Animal Nepal launches The Vegan Challenge


Are you thinking about joining our Vegan Challenge?

Congratulations! You just took an important first step towards trying a plant-based diet! Because ‘a thought’ is what it takes to become a vegan. And if you’re thinking that it’s impossible to live without animal products, let us tell you a secret. Going vegan is not as hard as you think it is.  And we promise that you are going to feel healthier, lighter and happier than ever. This decision will not only have a positive effect on you but on many other lives as well.
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“Live, Love, Woof and TAKE A SELFIE” World Animal Day 2015!

12107827_10153329250359480_436292583908383442_nEach year 4th October is celebrated as World Animal Day! Animal Nepal organizes fun and educative programmes every year on this day to recognise the positive influence animals make on our lives and this year we decided to go out and do something fun and positive!

We called out for “Me & My Best Friend” selfie contest where animal lovers could send their lovely selfies with their dearest furry friends and get a chance to win exiting treats and gift hampers for their favourite animal companion.

The purpose of the contest was to cherish the most important relationship of human and animal by doing something fun and highlighting their friendship and their importance.  Continue reading ““Live, Love, Woof and TAKE A SELFIE” World Animal Day 2015!”

“End Rabies Together” on World Rabies Day 2015

Patan, September 28, 2014–  As part of our each year programme on World Rabies Day, Animal Nepal this year too vaccinated 86 dogs with anti-rabies vaccination from different wards surrounding Patan Durbar Square. Each year AN conducts vaccination camp at Patan Durbar Square premises which continued this year too. Our aim is to turn the Patan’s Durbar Square into a rabies free ‘zone’ which is a World Heritage Site adorned with beautiful temples and home to countless stray dogs.

Last year our vaccination camp had vaccinated more than 50 dogs from the Patan area. And as part of our vaccination programme we also managed to inform and educate the locals about the importance of Anti rabies vaccination. They received education materials and information about the rabies virus. Through our humane dog management programme and events such as World Rabies Day Animal Nepal hopes to bring a lasting change in the lives of Nepal’s strays.