How does it feel to get all the attention? Buddy: “Simply priceless!”

14 August, 2015-  When Buddy and friends at Animal Nepal Donkey Sanctuary knew that students from Lavender Pre-school were about to pay them a visit, they just couldn’t wait anymore. Buddy, who thinks that he is the most handsome mule in the sanctuary, took the responsibility of welcoming the guest. In the afternoon 37 students along with 9 staff members from Lavender Pre-school reached the sanctuary and they were just amazed to be surrounded by so many rescued animals.

At first the kids were quite nervous and scared with our donkeys and mules but after Luv and Kush came nibbling towards them the kids thought that they were so funny and they were just trying to play with them. Later on they became used to with our animals and they even fed Buddy and other equines at the sanctuary. Continue reading “How does it feel to get all the attention? Buddy: “Simply priceless!””