3 days long camp sterilizes 65 dogs

Chobar, November 2014– Animal Nepal conducted a CNVR-M camp, (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release-Monitor) in the period November 21 till November 23 at its Chobar Animal Sanctuary. As part of its ongoing humane dog population programme, dogs were selected from two core areas:  Kirtipur (Tyanglaphat) and Gwarko. The three days long camp sterilized and treated 65 dogs. Besides community dogs we also welcomed some pet dogs from other parts of Kirtipur and Kathmandu. Continue reading “3 days long camp sterilizes 65 dogs”

Municipality signs MOU for humane dog population management in Lalitpur

kjhKathmandu, November 3, 2014– While the authorities tried hard to create a city free of stray dogs with the arrival of the SAARC Summit, animal activists across the country  spoke out for canines.

Good news came from Lalitpur Sub-Municipality when they officially decided to support Animal Nepal in its humane dog population management efforts rather than poisoning or relocating them. Continue reading “Municipality signs MOU for humane dog population management in Lalitpur”

Shattered hearts come together to say: “WE WILL NOT FORGET”

Kathmandu, December 1, 2014– Tears flowed today when over 50 concerned citizens from across the country protested Gadhimai sacrifices at the southern gate of Singha Durbar, They said in many different ways: We Will Not Forget, and held the government responsible for the blood bath.

Concerned citizens dressed in black dresses held banners and placards. The slogans included ‘Why does the government remain silent?’, ‘We deny to step on innocent blood!’ and ‘Stop Animal Sacrifice’.  The silent protest started from the Hanumansthan, Anamnagar, and eventually turned into a rally that passed various ministries.

Continue reading “Shattered hearts come together to say: “WE WILL NOT FORGET””