Shelter dogs say: “Winter, come try me”!

donate blanketOutside it is getting colder, but the Chobar Animal Shelter is heating up. The secret behind are those blankets and quilts that has are pouring in this season from our well-wishers.

Stray dog often suffer from hair loss and malnutrition and on top of that lack a home and a cosy shelter. Thus Winter tends to be very difficult for them.  But with a little bit of effort and kindness we can save a dog this winter.  Continue reading “Shelter dogs say: “Winter, come try me”!”

A day full of blessings, fun and treats!

Chobar, October 22, 2014– The dogs knew something was going to happen. The shelter was being  scrubbed and disinfected. The kennels were decorated with flowers and colourful paper flags. Something was happening in the kitchen….soon the shelter dogs were getting restless with the smell of eggs and bones. And then they realised it was THEIR day, the best day of the year by far, ‘Kukur Tihar’ or Dog Puja.  Continue reading “A day full of blessings, fun and treats!”

Animal Nepal speaks up against removal of dogs as SAARC Summit approaches

SAARC_DesignKathmandu, 11 November, 2014– Animal Nepal today urged Kathmandu Municipality to stop the removal of dogs from the streets before the SAARC Summit. The welfare organisation said the animals will suffer from hunger, and possibly even turn into wild dogs. “Animal welfare has become an integral part of society and  humane dog management is the only real solution,” says Animal Nepal in a Letter to CEO Dhan Bahadur Shrestha and Minister Prakash Man Singh. Continue reading “Animal Nepal speaks up against removal of dogs as SAARC Summit approaches”