Chitwan Warden warns against elephant smuggling

Cartoon elephantKathmandu, 24 September 2014 –  Animal Nepal’s campaign against the smuggling of elephants from India by the safari industry recently booked a success. On the occasion of World Elephant Day, the Warden of Chitwan National Park, Mr Kamal Jung Kunwar, spoke out against the illegal trade, and said action would be taken against those involved.

According to a report by the Chitwan Post, ‘[b]ringing elephants from any other nations is illegal and if any entrepreneurs are found doing so then actions will be taken against them.’

In Sauraha alone 60 captive elephants are employed in the safari industry. Almost all elephants are bought across the border; until recently annually on average seven Indian elephants were traded from India to be employed as safari elephants. Among them are blind, underaged, overaged and sick elephants.

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Donkey sanctuary fully booked with 28 equines!

Badikhel, September 19, 2014 –With the birth of two new foals and the recovery of almost all our equines, it is a time for celebration at Animal Nepal’s Donkey Sanctuary. With the arrival of festive season, the weather is improving. The view of our healthy equines grazing in the green fields of Badikhel is a happy sight. Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary is now fully booked with 28 equines! Continue reading “Donkey sanctuary fully booked with 28 equines!”