Badhikhel- 12 August- 2014, Animal Nepal’s team did not expected that one day SINGH would be running on his four feet when they came across the suffering mule for the first time. Singh seemed at the end of his wits due to a severe front leg injury and various other wounds. The young red-brown 2 year old was the victim of a fight among equines at a Bhaktapur brick factory.

In March Animal Nepal realised Singh’s working life at a Bhaktapur kiln had come to an end due to multi trauma injuries. Singh’s owner agreed that the suffering mule should be taken to the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary.  Here veterinarians Dr Koirala and Yadav provided the hard working equine with medical treatment including painkillers, Vitamins and Neurobin injections. Comfortable bedding was provided to ensure his comfort. With regular follow up treatment and hoof trimming Singh’s front leg slowly recovered but still suffered from bended front legs. Continue reading “SINGH’s HAPPY FEET!”

July Adoption Month: A Success!

Kathmandu – 9th August-2014 – Hundreds of phone calls and eight puppies adopted. That is the outcome of July Adoption Month, celebrated last month.

Animal Nepal this week celebrates the success of the event during which eight of our lucky puppies were adopted by loving families. Among them were Chris Stromlund and family who adopted Mini, Milan Shrestha gave home to Maxi, Amrita Subedi from Daanchi adopted only ten days old pup Jack. Tara Buddha Magar from Mahankal, Saral Shrestha from Kapan, Santosh KC and Hari Kumar Dhoju from Lalitpur adopted newly rescued puppies born from the same mother. Roshesh Giri from Mangal Bazar adopted Brownie and last but not the least Tara Rana Magar from Kausaltar provided a loving home to Paphu. Continue reading “July Adoption Month: A Success!”