Survey shows sharp decrease number of stray dogs in Animal Nepal’s working area

Mohan - low resoPatan, September 23, 2013 – A WSPA supported survey shows a sharp decrease in the number of stray dogs in Animal Nepal’s working area.  The population decreased with 64%  in 6 years time. Animal Nepal has been conducting a humane dog management programme in Lalitpur since 2008.

The number of dogs in Patan (Block D) went down from 7527 in 2006 to 4560 in 2010, and further decreased to 2738 in 2012.

The survey further showed that the population in Kathmandu district is no longer increasing and has become stable. The 2012 dog survey was conducted by volunteers from Animal Nepal, Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre and Roots and Shoots Nepal.

Animal Nepal launched its humane dog population programme in December 2008, and has conducted various Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies and CNVR (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release) camps in Lalitpur district since then. Over 1900 female dogs have been spayed, treated and vaccinated.

Animal Nepal is grateful to find that its approach has proved successful and that the suffering of Lalitpur’s stray dogs has been greatly reduced.

The full report can be read here. 

Animal Nepal launches Donkey Wall of Fame

Logo donkey wall of fameDobighat, September 11, 2013 – Ever thought of becoming a Very Important Donkey (VID) or even a Very Very Important Donkey (VVID)? This is your chance, as Animal Nepal has launched a Donkey Wall of Fame, to raise  for the construction of an eco friendly donkey shelter.

Animal Nepal opened its Donkey Sanctuary in 2009, to act as a home for rescued handicapped and sick working equines, providing them retirement from a life of abuse in one of Nepal’s brick factories. Since then Animal Nepal has rescued and rehabilitated over 70 equines.

The sanctuary will be a place where animals are treated with kindness and compassion and where visitors can learn about the abuse that place against equines in Nepal. We have teamed up with a socially responsible company called The Sanctuary, which is building a tented camp next to the new donkey shelter.

Individual sponsors can either acquire a VVID (Very Very Important Donkey) status on the Donkey Wall of Fame at € 500, or a VID (Very Important Donkey) status @ € 250 euro. They can also buy a ‘brick’ @ 25 euro. or Rs 2500. Schools are invited to sponsor one of the six pillars of the building at € 500. The names of the schools will be displayed on the pillars.

All names will be displayed on a Donkey Wall of Fame, which will be prominently displayed on the site. If you like to be part of this unique project then please contact us at or ++ 977 1 5538068.

Animal Nepal starts construction of eco friendly donkey sanctuary

Draft newBadikhel, September 10, 2013 – With the digging of foundations, Animal Nepal today started the long awaited construction of its new donkey sanctuary in Badikhel. Coordinated by overseer Norbu Kalden and engineering student Stefan Klaseboer, the building uses local and recycled materials. The stables will be build using the earthbag and adobe technique.

The new donkey sanctuary is a place where animals are treated with kindness and compassion and where visitors can learn about the abuse that takes place against equines in Nepal. Apart from stables catering for 25 rescued working equines, the project includes an education centre for children and an eco friendly tented camp.

natural building1Individuals and companies who are interested in being involved in the project can do so by making their hands dirty and help us build the stables using earthbags and mud. The project offers CSR opportunities for teams who  want to be part of this unique construction project, benefiting both the local community and countless working equines.

Animal Nepal has launched a sponsoring programme called Donkey Wall of Fame to build sufficient funds to complete and run the project.