Campaign against cruel dog killing books success

ShootingDogKathmandu, 21 March, 2013 – Animal Nepal today thanked the 4000  campaigners who signed petitions against the brutal dog killing by the police army on or

The campaign has booked an important success when the Nepal Police admitted its mistake and send out a circular to its posts urging  its officers to use humane methods to control stray dogs.

With the support of our Volunteer Communication Director Shristi Shrestha and members of Animal Welfare Network Nepal, the petitions with 4000 signatures were handed over to the Nepal Police earlier this week.  The Hanumandhoka Range Office has send out a circular to all police posts jurisdiction saying humane measures need to be used and help from animal welfare organisations should be sought whenever needed. The office also send a letter to AWNN confirming that it will implement humane methods. The police requested help in educating its officers in animal welfare issues.

Already one police post asked Animal Nepal to help with the case of one aggressive dog.
This shows that campaigns such as these can truly make a difference!
It is extremely sad and upsetting that the dog in the video was abused so badly. We can only hope that it was the last dog to be killed in such a cruel manner in Nepal, and that this case will prove to be a turning point in the way authorities deal with dog issues.

Take action against brutal dog killing by Nepal Police

ShootingDogKathmandu, March 1, 2013 – Animal Nepal today expressed its shock at the brutal killing of a dog by the Nepal police in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. The dog, which reportedly bit two people, was killed brutally with the help of a gun and bamboo sticks, in full view of the public. The killing was recorded by video and uploaded on youtube. 

Animal Nepal today handed over letters to the Inspector of Police, the Chief District Officer and the Kathmandu Municipality, requesting the authorities to take immediate action.

According to Animal Nepal, “the images of ‘man’s best friend’ dying such an agonizing death are heart rendering and deeply traumatizing for children and other members of the public.”

Despite the fact that humane solutions like Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies have been introduced in Nepal a decade ago, authorities continue to kill dogs inhumanely using strychnine poison, guns or sticks. The incident shows that Nepal badly needs an Animal Welfare Act, to provide protection for canines and other animals.

The campaigners invite all concerned citizens to sign this petition, as well as send emails to the municipality through this link, and to the Nepal police at The CDO can be reached by fax at 009 771 4267619.

Please download the Sample letter Nepal Police dog killing.

Spay Day celebrated with Kirtipur spaying camp


Kirtipur, March 1-3, 2013 – Celebrating World Spay Day, held on the last Tuesday of February, Animal Nepal, with the support of grade 10 of Lincoln School, organised a Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release Camp in Thanglaphat, Kirtipur, from March 1-3. A total of 61 female dogs were spayed, and four dogs suffering from cancer rescued. No less than six dogs were found suffering from pyometra,  a potentially fatal condition in which the uterus becomes infected. All dogs could be saved.

A volunteer with the Community Service Centre, Sudarshan Basnyat kindly offered his house as a venue for the surgery.

Lincoln School’s grade 10 students  thought of creative ways to raise money to help sponsor the operation camp. The students raised 21,000 rupees through two dinner fundraisers, while 2nd Grade made and sold recycled notebooks for an additional 6,500 rupees. In total, this combined contribution paid for a quarter of the total cost incurred by the CNVR camp.

In addition to the monetary contribution, 10th Grade students participated in an educational campaign to raise awareness within the community of the need for street dog neutering, and to promote the operation camp, which was provided as a free service for the community.