Survey shows major impact on community’s perceptions

sony4Harisiddi/Ekantakuna, December 2012 – In order to assess community members’ perceptions of animal welfare, Animal Nepal conducted a survey before and after organising a dog health camp. The results were very encouraging, showing that even a single welfare intervention can have a lasting impact on community members’ attitudes.

In May 2012, Animal Nepal organised a Catch Neuter Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) in Harisiddi, a Newar village in Lalitpur distict. A survey learned that people’s perceptions of animal welfare were positively influenced by the community based camp.

The survey conducted  by Dr Surendra Basyal and Dr Sushma KC showed that the percentage of people afraid of contracting rabies went down from 60% to 13%. The number of interviewees facing problems from stray dogs went down from 100% to 62%. The percentage of people throwing water or stones at dogs decreased from 60% to 8% while the percentage of people seeking treatment for sick and injured dogs went up from 10% to 46%.

“The findings are very encouraging,” says Volunteer Director Lucia de Vries. “They show that animal welfare interventions have much potential to drastically improve the position and treatment of animals within communities.”

Read the full report here

Sathi the miracle dog returns

Sathi Dobghat Oct 2012Ekantakuna, December 2012 – When we first came across Sathi (‘friend’) we thought we were too late. On a cold December evening the injured dog was found lying on the side on the streets of Dobighat. She seemed to have died but when closely observed we noticed she was still breathing. She was brought to the Chobar Animal Sanctuary in the middle of the night.

Sathi suffered from a deep neck wound, which was infested with countless maggots. At the shelter caretakers Hari and Rabindra immediately put her on a drip and cleaned the infested wound. We were very happy when the dog was still alive the next day.

Sathi after recovery-low resoSathi reacted well to the treatment. However, after 2 weeks she managed to escape from the shelter. We were extremely worried about her, as the treatment had not been completed yet.

After two weeks Sathi was spotted on the same place where she was found. The adventurous dog had managed to cross the river as well as the busy Ring Road! She was almost fully recovered, and seemed happy to be back in her own spot. The local community says it is a miracle that Sathi survived and feed her on a daily basis.

Animal Nepal hires four paravets

Paravets low resoEkantakuna, December 2012 – In order to be able to help more working equines, Animal Nepal hired four paravets for its outreach teams. Radhika Poudel, Gopal BK, Hari Shrestha and Shankar Sapkota will join Tara Budhatoki in the mobile teams visiting brick factories. Programme Manager Assistant Uttam Kafle will be coordinating the activities in the brick kilns.

Around 1500 equines work in brick factories in Kathmandu Valley, hauling bricks under tough conditions. This season Animal Nepal will be working in brick kilns in Lalitpur as well as Bhaktapur district. Animal Nepal will be focusing on creating a business model that works, implementing education and evidence based outreach, livelihood development and advocacy at national and international level.

Welcome new staff!

From left to right: Uttam, Gopal, Hari, Shankar