A hairless dog’s makeover

We are happy to announce that Fluffy is fully recovered. The aging stray dog arrived in our shelter in February, suffering from an advanced stage of mange. Fluffy had become as bald as a coot and was badly malnourished.

Skin diseases such as these are rampant among Nepalese dogs. It takes a lot of patience to cure them. Slowly but surely Fluffy’s hair grew back, and she became less grumpy. Fluffy now sports a thick coat of beige hair and feels at home with the other three permanent residents at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary, Nana, Sumi and Lassie.

Animal Nepal conducts health camp to stop Khokana goat abuse

Animal Nepal on August 2 for the third time conducted a dog health camp in Khokana, to convince community members to stop the cruel ritual during Deopokhari festival. Here a live goat is thrown into a pond and bitten to death by youth. The ‘Save the Goat of Khokana’ campaign is coordinated by Animal Welfare Network Nepal.

This year the festival saw a major improvement when the goat was quickly drowned before being used as a ‘bait’. Many influential community members want to stop the ritual and ongoing lobbying is needed to transform the festival into a child- and animal friendly one.

During the health camp 61 dogs were vaccinated and six dogs treated. The team consisted of Dr Surendra Basyal, Dr Sushma KC, Hari Khadka, Mohan Maharjan and driver Sagardai. AWNN campaign coordinator Santosh Khatiwada helped as well. The camp has become very popular in Khokana. VDC members and local people help us with the organisation and catching of stray dogs.

Poultry farm turns into donkey sanctuary…

How does a discarded poultry farm become a donkey sanctuary? Easy peasy, with lots of disinfectant and a few bottles of paint!

After the rescue of nine working equines from brick factories in May, Animal Nepal has been on the look out for a place to keep the healthy donkeys. Since the  newcomers are in a bad state they need all the space and attention they can get to fully recoverm without being dominated by healthy ones.

We found a discarded chicken farm, complete with light bulbs. Apart from a large building and staff quarters, it came with a large plot of grazing land. The place was on rent, and came with a great caretaker, Kaman Singh.

By now the equines have settled in, and enjoy the extra space. Especially our youngest donkey, Victory,  loves running around like a mad dog. Anyone who likes to come and see the new place is welcome!