Walk for Nepal, also for its animals!


During this year’s Walk for Nepal, organised in Dallas on October 20, 2012, some participants will walk for needy animals back home. The organisers of this annual event are ‘Nepal ko Yuwa’, a global Nepali youth movement. The Walk for Nepal (“WfN”) campaign was initiated in 2011 to bring people together and support one great cause – Peace for Nepal.

The Dallas team members suggested to include animals in this year’s walk. “No matter how advanced the country is or literate the people are, animal abuse still exists.  Animals deserve to live a life free of torture and abuse just like humans,” they say.

We want to thank Nepal ko Yuwa for this wonderful initiative and request all NRNs out there: walk for Nepal, both for humans and animals!

Nine newcomers at Animal Nepal’s donkey sanctuary

Godavari, July 9, 2012 – Rani (Nepali for ‘Queen’) is a 15 years old, malnourished donkey who was abandoned in a brick factory when she became too thin and weak to work.  Rani is one of the nine newcomers who now receive ‘royal treatment’ at the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary. When the brick season ended last month a number of equines were abandoned or handed over to Animal Nepal.

Rani is joined by Star, a male 11 year old, who suffers from terrible saddle wounds. Another new resident is Marwari, a 14 year old male mule, whose hoofs are overgrown and suffers from malnutrition. Janet is a 15 year old blind female donkey, who finally will be allowed to stop hauling bricks.

Among the nine newcomers one also finds Rajani, a 12 year old male donkey, suffering from lameness, weakness and malnutrition. Similarly, Chang is a 14 year old female donkey whose saddle wound had become so badly infected she was oozing puss. She and Samir, a 10 year old male donkey, suffering from skin problems and malnutrition, now all will be given the best care possible, hoping they will be allowed to spend a few happy years in our sanctuary.

We also received mother donkey Rose and daughter Puffin, who were rescued by Beverly Waymark and spend two wonderful years at her residence.

Animal Nepal rented a temporary accommodation for some of the newcomers. They will move to the new sanctuary facilities once they are ready.

For an introduction of all our equine residents visit http://thesanctuarynepal.wordpress.com/our-residents/

Volunteer directors receive honorary life membership Animal Aid Abroad

Animal Nepal’s voluntary directors Pramada Shah and Lucia de Vries this month were selected to be the new honorary life members of Animal Aid Abroad. They are the  only people outside Australia who have received this honour so far. According to founder Janet Thomas, Pramada and Lucia received the honour ‘for their devotion, compassion and unrelenting support and help to animals in Nepal’.

Animal Aid Abroad Inc. (AAA) was started in August 2007 in Perth, Australia. Founder Janet Thomas, while working and living in Alexandria, Egypt, witnessed on a daily basis the appalling and cruel treatment of the animals on the streets and in the local zoo. AAA supports projects around the world, including the equine work of Animal Nepal.

Pramada and Lucia feel humbled and honoured. “Please be assured that we will continue to work for the suffering animals in Nepal and will do everything in our capacity to make a real difference in their lives,” they write.